Shuhei Yoshida shows photos of Horizon Zero Dawn PC on Steam Deck

2021-11-12 11:25:22 By : Ms. emma zhou

PlayStation independent game boss Yoshida Shuhei posted a photo of Horizon Zero Dawn running on Steam Deck on Twitter, which inevitably sparked discussions about the non-existent PlayStation Vita 2.

It seems that Valve provided Yoshida with a handheld device, and he can understandably use the title released by PlayStation for rotation.

Thanks to @valvesoftware, check out #Horizo​​nZeroDawn on Steam Deck 😀

One can only imagine the appearance of "God of War" and "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" on the Steam platform.

Considering the fate of PlayStation Vita, we are unlikely to get another Sony handheld computer anytime soon. During this time, Steam Deck is by our side.

Sony has made it very clear that porting PlayStation first-party games to PC is now part of its corporate strategy. But the company insists that it will not release it on both platforms at the same time. In other words, never say forever. Sony recently established a dedicated PlayStation PC brand and stated on its earnings call this week that it will "actively" invest in its development capabilities and is committed to extending its franchise rights to PCs and mobile devices.

Many people believe that the release of PlayStation games on the PC will affect console sales. However, Mat Piscatella of the NPD Group pointed out that a PlayerPulse survey found that only about one-third of PC players in the United States own a PS4 and only 8% own a PS5.

"This leaves a huge PC audience, which is why publishing ports on PCs is unlikely to affect content sales on game consoles," Piscatella tweeted. "As long as the console provides convenience and ease of use when connected to the shiny big TV, people will continue to buy consoles."