Alcohol Preparation Pad Alcohol Swab Alcohol Wipes Machine (DS-66)

Full-auto Alcohol pre-pad wipes packing machineDistinguishing features:High speed: 240-320package/minDescription:This machine is newly updated for manufactiring Alcohol pre-pad wipesProduction process:Non-woven cloth onto the machine→folding→cutting→adding liquid→into the bags→making the bags→

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Full-auto Alcohol pre-pad wipes packing machine
Alcohol Prep Pad Alcohol Swab Alcohol Wipes Wet Tissue Machine (DS-66)
Distinguishing features:
High speed: 240-320package/min

This machine is newly updated for manufactiring Alcohol pre-pad wipes

Production process:
Non-woven cloth onto the machinefoldingcuttingadding liquidinto the bagsmaking the bagssealing the bagscuttingproduct.

Main technical paramaters:
Name:       Full-auto Alcohol pre-pad wipes packing machine
Alcohol wipes specification:

wipe(unfolded)wipes(folded)Packing sizenon-woven width
60mm x 30mm30mm x 30mm 50mm x 50mm60cm
Sample  Picture:
Alcohol Prep Pad Alcohol Swab Alcohol Wipes Wet Tissue Machine (DS-66)
Process capability: 240-320 package/min.
Packing materials: 73-110g/ sqm paper and aluminum compound materials
Packing materials specification:Φ≤350 mm,width 400 mm,papar core inner dia.:76.2mm
Suitable wipes materials: roll shape,40-70g/sqm  :spun-lace non-woven materials
Non-woven materials specifications: Φ ≤ 600mm ,Width 60 mm
Paper core inner dia.: Φ 76.2mm (=3")
Total power:  220v ,50hz ,2.6 kw
Weight:        700 kg
Machine size:           L2500×W1000×H1500mm
Machine packing size :   L2700×W1800×H1800mm

Main dispositions:
1. Intelligent packaging machine controller (bag length settings, photo mark of automatic tracking, counting)
2. Stepper control system.
3. Four-sided seal bag, packing sealing system (dual in bag, seal pattern with reticulate).
4. Temperature control system
5. Wetting system adding liquild at a certain amount
6. Intelligent photoelectric trademark vertical positioning system
7. Packing materials manually horizontally correcting system
8. Non-woven folding and cutting installment
9. Coated stainless steel shield, main contact parts using stainless steel or rust-proof materials
10.Electrical control box (including the control panel, emergency stop switch, conveyor belt-conditioning switches, electrical switches, temperature-controlled instrument panel)

Machine  Details :

Alcohol Prep Pad Alcohol Swab Alcohol Wipes Wet Tissue Machine (DS-66)

Alcohol Prep Pad Alcohol Swab Alcohol Wipes Wet Tissue Machine (DS-66)Alcohol Prep Pad Alcohol Swab Alcohol Wipes Wet Tissue Machine (DS-66)
Alcohol Prep Pad Alcohol Swab Alcohol Wipes Wet Tissue Machine (DS-66)
Spare parts

  1. Heater sticks - 6No's
  2. Blades - 2sets
  3. Knives for cutting membrane - 2sets
  4. Knives - 5No's
  5. Thermo elements - 4sets
  6. Springs - 10No;s
  7. Transport belts - 1No
  8. Fuses - 10No's
  9. Electric conduction carbon brush - 10No's
  10. Electrical specifications - 1set
  11. Machine's Manual book - 1
  12. Quality certification - 1
  13. Maintenance tool kit - 1set
NoNameOrigin   Model and SpecificationUnitQuantity
01Machine cover Stainless steel 304pcs1
02Origami Shelf Spray-Paintpcs1
03Bracket of Glass cover Aluminum alloy & Stainless steelpcs1
04Synthetic glass& Polycarbonate panels cover
Thickness 2mm+8mmpcs1
05Touch screenEVIEWMCGS
06Servo motorJapan Mitsubishi
07Servo motorJapan Mitsubishi
08PLC blockGermanySiemens
09Extend blockGermanySiemens
10Heat  blockGermanySiemens
11Power switch JapanOMRON
12Solid contactorshanghai
14Scram buttonJapanOMRONpcs1
15Electromagnet TaiwanARDAKE 4V210-08pcs8
16CylinderTaiwanCQ2B 63X30,CQ2B 20X10
CQ2B 63X25,CQ2B 20X15
18photo electrical testing transducershanghaiYatai
19Air decompress valveTaiwan
ARDAKE AP2000pcs9
20Metering pumpJapanIWAKIpcs2
21Gear MotorsZhejiangDong Bang 4GN43-18Kpcs1
22 Shanghai24Vpcs1
23Tissue insert cylinderTaiwanARDAKE MPGM20*100pcs1
Alcohol Prep Pad Alcohol Swab Alcohol Wipes Wet Tissue Machine (DS-66)

Alcohol Prep Pad Alcohol Swab Alcohol Wipes Wet Tissue Machine (DS-66)

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Alcohol Prep Pad Alcohol Swab Alcohol Wipes Wet Tissue Machine (DS-66)
Alcohol Prep Pad Alcohol Swab Alcohol Wipes Wet Tissue Machine (DS-66)


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