Elasti Sports Cotton Nylon Physio Muscle Dying Treatment Tape Dyed Kinesio Tape Dyed Kinesio Tape

Kinesiology tape, sports tape1. Cotton material2. Nylon material3. KT tape material4. Rock tape material5. Precut styleDetailed Product DescriptionSize: 5cm x 5m;Other size;2.5cmx 5m3.8cm x 5m7.5cm x 5m10cmx 5m5cm x 31.5m5cmx 4.5m5cmx 3mFeature:1. Elastic cotton substrate2. Elasticity 130%~150% or 160~190%3. Strong and reliable

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Kinesiology tape, sports tape

1. Cotton material
2. Nylon material
3. KT tape material
4. Rock tape material
5. Precut style

Detailed Product Description
Size: 5cm x 5m;
Other size;
2.5cmx 5m
3.8cm x 5m
7.5cm x 5m
10cmx 5m
5cm x 31.5m
5cmx 4.5m
5cmx 3m

1. Elastic cotton substrate
2. Elasticity 130%~150% or 160~190%
3. Strong and reliable stickness
4. Soft and comfortable
5. Good tensile strength
6. Skin breathable
7. Leaves no residue on body parts
8. Water resistant
9. Latex free
10. Hypoallergenic adhesive

Elasti Sports Cotton Nylon Physio Muscle Dyeing Therapy Tape Dyeing Kinesio Tape Dyeing Kinesiology Tape

Elasti Sports Cotton Nylon Physio Muscle Dyeing Therapy Tape Dyeing Kinesio Tape Dyeing Kinesiology Tape

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